PGV 2019

Our Firm At A Glance

At our core we are a values-driven consultancy

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their banking or financial services performance. Our values have remained constant throughout, and that is our dedication to providing our clients personalized digital and innovative solutions to help maximize their investment returns. As the banking and financial services sector continue to adopt more sophisticated technological advances systems, we have made it our obsession to constantly expand our core competencies and skills in anticipation of these marketplace changes.

Specific digital marketing strategies and solutions

We understand banking & financial services in the digital era, as well as comprehend the complex, multi-channel marketing environment. In addition to this we know what is needed to harness big data into usable and effective marketing initiatives. How we achieve this is through our unique understanding of strategic marketing, data analytics, and financial technology to assist our clients in meeting their specific business needs. We believe our experience in cutting-edge marketing, data and innovative technology solutions can assist those businesses looking to navigate the digital era and grow.

Digital Banking and FinTech training & development

The current problem is that there are millions of employees within the banking & financial services sector who need to learn about  new technological innovations that are impacting their positions. The solution we provide to companies is the creation of tailored training courses for their employees on diverse market segments such as Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrencies, InsurTech, Payments and Robo-Advisors.